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GEO’s Commitment to Training

GEO Group Training Requirements

Under the laws applicable to most of GEO’s operations, and under internal company policies, GEO’s correctional officers are required to complete a minimum amount of training which exceeds national standards. Generally, industry standards require at least 40 hours of pre-service training before an employee is allowed to assume their duties plus an additional 120 hours of training during their first year of employment, which is consistent with ACA standards and/or applicable state laws. In addition to the usual 160 hours of training in the first year, most states require 40 or 80 hours of on-the-job training. Florida law requires that correctional officers receive 520 hours of training. GEO’s training programs meet or exceed all of these applicable requirements.

GEO’s training program typically begins with approximately 40 hours of instruction regarding GEO policies, operational procedures and management philosophy. Training continues with an additional 120 hours of instruction covering legal issues, rights of inmates, techniques of communication and supervision, interpersonal skills and job training relating to the particular position to be held. Each of GEO’s employees who has contact with inmates receives a minimum of 40 hours of additional training each year, and each manager receives at least 24 hours of training each year.

At least 160 hours of training are required for GEO’s employees in Australia and South Africa before such employees are allowed to work in positions that will bring them into contact with inmates. GEO’s employees in Australia and South Africa receive a minimum of 40 hours of refresher training each year. In the United Kingdom, GEO’s employees also receive a minimum of 240 hours prior to coming in contact with inmates and receive additional training of approximately 25 hours annually.

With respect to GEO’s BI ISAP contract, new employees are required to complete training requirements as outlined in the contract within 14 days of hire and prior to being assigned autonomous ISAP related duties. These employees receive 25 hours of refresher training annually thereafter. Program managers for our ISAP contract must receive 24 hours of additional initial training. BI’s Monitoring Services maintains its own comprehensive certification and training program for all Monitoring Service Specialists. GEO requires all new personnel hired for a position in Monitoring Operations to complete a seven-week training program. Successful completion of GEO’s training program training and a final certification is required of all personnel performing monitoring operations. GEO requires that certification is achieved prior to being permitted to work independently in the call center.


College Accreditation Training Program

GEO has partnered with several different Colleges and Universities to create programming that will help the employees in their personal education and strategically position GEO to provide a better service with more qualified and highly trained employees. In addition to the ACA mandated training program courses, GEO mandates 272 courses, many of which are accepted as College credits. 

Due to our investment in training and higher education, it is no coincidence that the average GEO warden has been working with the company for 11 years on average and over 20 years on average in the correctional industry.


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